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I’m kind of in love with these. I’ve already made them 3 times, and I want to make them today (to stave off my sugar baked goods cravings), but it’s just too hot. I’m hating the hot. (If it was cold, I’d be hating the cold, too. I’m a total room temperature junkie.) I love […]

Well, let’s face it. This smoothie has tons of sugar. But NONE of it  comes from table sugar. Only FRUIT sugar. And I like it that way. My smoothie today actually came out purple, which shows the power of the costco mixed berry pack. Usually it’s green. Why green? Because I put Vitamineral Green powder […]

Fruity Cravings


My daughter doesn’t really like healthy food, but she will eat fruit. Especially any fruit she finds hiking. This picture is of mountain apples we picked and immediately made into a pie (a couple of weeks ago). If you haven’t had mountain apple, then I would describe this as the fruit that Adam and Eve […]

After I gorged myself on this amazing cake, I decided I need to practice what I preach. Well, practice what I know is right, anyway. I eat way too much sugar. Basically if you put it in front of me, I’m going to eat it. And if I think it’s special sugar, I will go […]

A friend and coworker of mine recently stopped me at the grocery store. She came right up, with a large watermelon in her cart, and before any pleasantries came out of her mouth she said, “Watermelon, simple syrup, ginger, and lime.” Then she sighed with the kind of love that only a foodie can understand. I […]

I received recipe as part of a group e-mail from a fruit and vegetable co op. I only get the fruit from this co op, but as soon as I saw this recipe I was planning when I was going to make it. Daikon is one vegetable I’m always looking to use in new ways. […]

Koko Rice


We had a drizzley afternoon, so I finally broke out my Koko Samoa and made some koko rice. Koko Samoa is cocoa beans grown in Samoa, roasted, pounded, and formed (somehow?) into these wedges. They are very hard and have little bits of cocoa beans still in pieces. It’s very strong, and not sweet (think […]