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I was lucky enough to be part of this month’s “24, 24, 24” Foodbuzz spotlight for my own New Year’s Eve dinner. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make my meal after the flooding and power black out we had just before Christmas, but we decided to try to make do […]

I signed up to be a taster for Food Buzz, and to my delight I received a box full of Cow Girl Chocolates in the mail yesterday. The packaging was beautiful, in a red fabric covered box, and the brightly colored wrapped chocolates nestled in a bed of red paper. In the ribbon there was […]

  Well, bread wasn’t the only thing I bought from Bale from the farmer’s market. I nearly squealed with glee when I saw the plastic tub of shredded daikon and carrot pickled in sweet vinegary goodness. Like a kid in a candy store, except I was at a farmer’s market buying vegetables. I’d been craving […]

I really enjoy sandwiches. I’m not talking about sliced turkey and wonderbread, I’m talking about honest to goodness thick sliced crusty bread with something amazing on top. I also love open faced sandwiches, because the filling is way too much for another slice of bread. One reason I love sandwiches, is that it’s so easy to […]

Yeah, I’ve been doing South Beach. It has seriously dampened my cooking spirits. My dad told me about this shepherd’s pie over the phone from his South Beach cook book, and it sounded a little weird. Edamame? In a casserole? I was especially saucy because I have been hating this diet. I told him I was […]

Here are a few of my favorite things: Orange Glaze Cinnamon Rolls Pumpkin Butter Any way I can combine those? I saw an article from the Recipe Doctor Elaine McGee in the Honolulu Advertiser. She lightened up a Bread of the Dead recipe. Then I promptly messed it up and fattened it out completely. This holiday […]

When I was pregnant, a dear friend gave me a book called Having Faith: An Ecologists Journey to Motherhood Sandra Steingraber. The book covers the physical journey of an egg to fetus to infant and the environmental factors that may be affecting that growth. Some may find the book paranoia inducing, but I truly found it empowering. […]