Fruity Cravings


My daughter doesn’t really like healthy food, but she will eat fruit. Especially any fruit she finds hiking.


This picture is of mountain apples we picked and immediately made into a pie (a couple of weeks ago). If you haven’t had mountain apple, then I would describe this as the fruit that Adam and Eve were tempted by in the garden of Eden. Yes, it’s that good. It has a watery, soft pear-like flesh but no annoying skin issues. The sweetness has a hint of rose. Amaya would have eaten all of them herself if we had let her. She also loves guava, strawberry guava, tamarind, and lilikoi. Our friend Christian showed her a clover I used to eat as a kid (which we called sourgrass) and she is obsessed about finding these in our yard. Jake also showed her gota kola, which really tastes terrible, but she loves them simply because she feels like she is hunting them out.

IMG_6416This is an apple banana. I’ve only had them in Hawaii but they probably sell them elsewhere. They’re smaller than regular bananas and they have a slight tang and firmer flesh. I really prefer them to regular bananas.

Fruit does have sugar. I know. And too much fruit is probably similar to eating too much candy on the sugar level. But. Fruit has vitamins that a candy or brownie would not have, plus fruit has fiber. A couple of pieces of fruit a day or a fruit smoothie for breakfast can do a lot to stave off your candy, cookie, and cake cravings.

Most people like some jam, jelly, or honey with their bread in the morning or as a snack. Lately I’ve been eating a piece of bread with freshly ground almond butter and slices of fruit on top. Banana is good, but so is plum, peach, or strawberry. And it’s more filling. Try it! Even if you’re not doing the no sugar deal, you’ll like this.



6 Responses to “Fruity Cravings”

  1. We used to live at a house that had mountain apples and it was GLORIOUS! They did make mountain apple pie (our landlords that is) and we loved it – Ambrose especially loved them. And I agree about fruit. It has been my treat over the last three or four days and I feel all the better for it. Although, I must confess that last night was my father-in-laws birthday and we had a delicious vegetarian meal topped off with a “frozen dessert” which my husband assured me would not have any added sugar because my in-laws NEVER eat added sugar if they can help it. I didnt want to make a big deal or be rude (you know, be that annoying person at a nice occasion who looks at something someone made and says “DOES THIS HAVE SUGAR???!!!”) so I took a cautious bite and thought, “sweet, but not sugary sweet” and then my cousin said, “This is so good! How did you make it?” (That was a polite question- I should have tried that one!) And my mother-in-law said, “No, it’s milk, lilikoi, and a little sugar.” and my husband looked at me like, “oops, sorry…..” and I was mid-bite, most of the way through at this point and my cousins knew I was doing this almost no sugar thing and we all just had a silent conversation about it. HAHA 🙂 Sooooooo, I am counting it as one of my two times until Christmas unless I just can’t later on, but luckily the portion was very very small and I am sure the added sugar was small too….. so, I feel like I just went to confession HA! but there you have it. And I was doing so well. I will keep it up though, because I never do things like this and I am actually doing it man! 🙂

    • 2 Mariko

      Silly. One of the rules is that you can have low sugar low fat frozen yogurt once a week. So there you go. (You see, I knew I couldn’t do this if I couldn’t at least go to yogurt mama in Kailua every once in a while.) You can still have your two days even! Now doesn’t that make this way way easier?

  2. how could i have forgotten that essential rule??? silly me indeed. orange tree, yoyo mama, and menchies here i come! haha 🙂

    thanks, i feel better. whew.

  3. I have never heard of any of those places…except menchies…but still don’t really know what it is. I want to do this no sugar rule but I don’t think I can. I like sugar way too much. Maybe if there was a support group once a week or something… 😛

  4. OH and I just realized how to get Aaron to eat fruit besides bananas and apples (on the rare occasion that we have it). Wait till he’s hungry and then he’ll eat grapes and watermelon on his own! We were waiting for the food to be come for David’s ward to start eating and he grabbed a watermelon slice and started pounding it. 😀

  5. I love mountain apples and Laie – I grew up in Mililani and now live in Olympia, wa. Great blog!

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