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Wild Rice Salad


I have this problem with rice, because I ALWAYS make more than I mean to. Always. Then I’ve got this big bowl of it in the fridge, and I have to make more food to go with the rice, and inevitably I will need to make more rice to go with the food. This time […]

I received recipe as part of a group e-mail from a fruit and vegetable co op. I only get the fruit from this co op, but as soon as I saw this recipe I was planning when I was going to make it. Daikon is one vegetable I’m always looking to use in new ways. […]

Koko Rice


We had a drizzley afternoon, so I finally broke out my Koko Samoa and made some koko rice. Koko Samoa is cocoa beans grown in Samoa, roasted, pounded, and formed (somehow?) into these wedges. They are very hard and have little bits of cocoa beans still in pieces. It’s very strong, and not sweet (think […]