Love and Beets


IMG_4957Some of you may not think that beets deserve your love.

I assure you, you are wrong.

Scrub, wrap in foil, and roast. Peel, and eat. What could be easier?

These are sweet and have the most lovely bite I can imagine. The color alone should make you fall in love.

Did I mention beet greens? GORGEOUS.


4 Responses to “Love and Beets”

  1. 1 Tieng

    I’ve never tried roasted beets before! I love pink and today is my birthday, so by golly I’m having this for dinner. 🙂

    • 2 Mariko

      Happy Birthday! It’s so easy and good. I’m amazed I ever tolerated canned beets in the past (YUCK!).

  2. I’ve always been afraid to try beets–my mom used to eat them straight out of the can, which horrified me as a child. But I *love* roasted vegetables…I think I may take the plunge and try some roasted beets! Thanks!

  3. love beets. also love your pics and that you’re food blogging again

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