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Bahn Mi


I go through long periods of time where I am not eating bahn mi every day, but I wish I were. The closest bahn mi spot  is about 30 minutes away, so I was so happy to find pickled carrot and daikon at the really FAR farmer’s market. I ate bahn mi for that week, and […]

Before I bought Veganomicon, one of my favorite cookbooks, I knew nothing about vital wheat gluten. Just the name excited me. This stuff really is magic. And the best part? I just pick up a bag at the store (any health food grocery) rather than make it from hand, which is extremely time consuming. If you tried […]

Love and Beets


Some of you may not think that beets deserve your love. I assure you, you are wrong. Scrub, wrap in foil, and roast. Peel, and eat. What could be easier? These are sweet and have the most lovely bite I can imagine. The color alone should make you fall in love. Did I mention beet […]