Cow Girl Chocolates


cowgirl-chocolatesI signed up to be a taster for Food Buzz, and to my delight I received a box full of Cow Girl Chocolates in the mail yesterday. The packaging was beautiful, in a red fabric covered box, and the brightly colored wrapped chocolates nestled in a bed of red paper. In the ribbon there was a metal pendant of some little cowboy boots. I was very glad for the flavor guide that was included, because I cannot STAND it when I have to guess what I’m eating.

The first surprise was the spicy chocolate mix. I got a spicy and mild mixed truffles box, and half of the chocolates were flavored with habanero or other spices. I really love Moonstruck’s cayenne dark chocolate bar, so I knew that spicy chocolate could be good. When I popped in the first chocolate, a spicy Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, I was impressed with its milky and soft texture. The spice hit a few seconds later.

Unfortunately, I thought the mildness of the chocolate was somewhat ruined by the spice. I would have preferred to have the hazelnut milk chocolate plain. No spice. I felt the same way about the habanero caramel. The caramel was perfectly buttery and delicious, and then maybe just too strong on the spice. The only spicy flavor I thought worked well was the double dark chocolate. That, I thought, was just the right flavor to handle the heat of spicy.  

My daughter got into the package three times, even though I thought I was putting it up high enough that she wouldn’t be able to reach. Three times she ran into the room with a chocolate mouth, clutching a bright wrapper. So I didn’t get to try the spicy raspberry dark chocolate. I’m sure it was good, because she was asking for more. Now, I’m someone who likes spicy, but I was surprised that she could handle it. It’s wasn’t a really long lasting spice, but it did tingle in the mouth for a while. She grabbed half of a spicy chocolate I had left for my husband later, but at least the last one was a mild one. I did grab a bite of that before she finished it off.

The mild chocolates were very good. They had the same textures as the spicy, and I am impressed by how smooth the chocolates are. The only one that broke this rule was the mild double dark chocolate, which tasted a little too cocoa-y for my taste. Not that it was too dark, per se, just that the texture seemed like cocoa powder. I really enjoyed the raspberry lemon as well. It was a surprising combination. My friend tried the milk chocolate and praised it.

I looked over the website and see that they will put together combinations of chocolates that you want, and they have several gift boxes available. I definitely want to try the spicy macadamia nut dark chocolate, which sounds like just the right combination to me. If you like the spicy, I would recommend staying away from flavors that should be mild, like milky and buttery.

I do prefer, if I get a box of chocolates as a gift, to try something new. Too often you get a box that has all the same flavors, half of which I probably don’t like anyway. It’s much more fun to try completely new combinations, even if you end up with a few you don’t like. You can chalk the whole experience up to an adventure.


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