Cookin’ Kids Books



I’m very concerned about my daughter’s nutritional development, and I naturally have a major interest in kids’ books with food. First, they’re about my favorite subject, second, my daughter will always ask about what she sees after we read one. Normally she’s only interested in candy and popsicles, so I love to discuss any other food out there with her.

After we read Babar Learns to Cook today, she asked me for strawberries. YES! I looked up strawberry souffle on the internet and am delighted to see many recipes. As soon as strawberries fall below $6 a pint I’ll be whipping up this concoction.

I hope she decides to ask me about stuffed mushrooms the next time we read it.

The best thing about the book is that the kids become interested in cooking and show the adults that they can make yummy food! My daughter recognized the tools from their kitchen and asked me if we could “stir it in a bowl” too. When we cook together, she will try almost anything while we cook. Once it comes out of the oven she’ll avoid it, but while we’re still putting ingredients together, even a raw zucchini will become part of the taste test.


2 Responses to “Cookin’ Kids Books”

  1. I have got to get my hands on that book! I love the concept of exposing kids to things like cooking through reading.

  2. cool. I also need one of those for Enzo

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