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    Dim Sum is my new obsession. This is the second time I’ve been to Mei Sum Dim Sum in the last month, and I’m pretty sold on the steamed egg cream bun. It looks off putting with its extremely yellow yolk but the second it goes in my mouth I *mmmmmmm! and oooooohhhhhh. […]

I signed up to be a taster for Food Buzz, and to my delight I received a box full of Cow Girl Chocolates in the mail yesterday. The packaging was beautiful, in a red fabric covered box, and the brightly colored wrapped chocolates nestled in a bed of red paper. In the ribbon there was […]

I’m very concerned about my daughter’s nutritional development, and I naturally have a major interest in kids’ books with food. First, they’re about my favorite subject, second, my daughter will always ask about what she sees after we read one. Normally she’s only interested in candy and popsicles, so I love to discuss any other food out there with […]