Sandwich Fetish Part 1



I really enjoy sandwiches. I’m not talking about sliced turkey and wonderbread, I’m talking about honest to goodness thick sliced crusty bread with something amazing on top. I also love open faced sandwiches, because the filling is way too much for another slice of bread. One reason I love sandwiches, is that it’s so easy to experiment with combinations of tastes.

I have been eating this bread baked by Bale’s (pronounced “Ball-ay”) non stop since I bought it from the Kailua Farmer’s Market on Thursday night. It’s buckwheat, fig, and walnut bread. My mouth waters just saying it. I also bought some fresh ground almond butter which I’ve had for breakfast every day since.

Today I had to have it all for lunch, too. And the whole thing made me so happy, I had to eat it for dinner as well.

Just kidding. I wanted to, but I didn’t want to share it with my family for dinner. So I saved the rest for later.

Here’s my ingredient list for this sandwich:

  • almond butter
  • sharp cheddar
  • avocado
  • bacon

The fruit in the bread made a nice sweetness to complement the salty. If it hadn’t have been fig bread, I would have put the apple slices on top.


2 Responses to “Sandwich Fetish Part 1”

  1. Oooh, I love Bale’s. My absolute favorite is their shrimp rolls, I used to have them for lunch almost every weekday. I’ve moved to Washington but have been fortunate to find a Vietnamese restaurant nearby with good shrimp rolls. Unfortunately I have to make my own peanut sauce, theirs is really runny!

  2. 2 Eileen

    I went to the Kailua Farmers Market as well as the Hilo just recently, and didn’t see anything like it but it sounds great! Do you think it would it be possible to order it over the Internet?

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