Chocolate Spells L-U-S-T


If you’ve never had Royce chocolates, you won’t understand the quest I’ve gone through to have a dependable source for these nuggets of goodness. Royce has somehow created a truffle in somewhat more reliable form, a chocolate that maintains its mouth-feel texture even under necessary refrigeration.This is probably why Royce, based in Japan, doesn’t ship outside the country. I’ve scoured the net looking for anyone with access to this product, and can only find short-term offers from specialty type stores, and all of these would still require me, a person who would pay any price for good food, to buy a plane ticket.
So I am now overjoyed to tell you that if you live in the Honolulu area, YOU can visit Palme D’Or and get the closest thing to Royce chocolates I’ve had yet. The texture is basically the same, but the Palme D’Or version is just slightly sweeter, or maybe it’s just slightly less creamy. I can’t tell. I finished off my 3 boxes of Royce chocolates 2 months ago (I should have bought 20).

Since then, I am counting the minutes until I can go back and get more chocolate. I think about it constantly. Imagine how it feels on my tongue. Reminisce about our intimate moments…

Too much for you? You obviously haven’t tried it. I suggest you start buying your plane ticket to paradise, although I suppose there might be other locations of La Palme D’or Patisserie in the U.S. and beyond. Let’s hope so.

Here I’d like to recommend a great resource for chocolate tasting parties. A friend hosted one recently and I was amazed by her knowledge of chocolates and her sophisticated palette. Taste is just the beginning when it comes to chocolate tasting. If you’d like to host your own, let me direct you to: All Chocolate. Get a variety of types of chocolate, especially from different parts of the world, because fine chocolates that are not genericized (word?) actually have a specific flavor based on the harvest from one field or area. Some years can be spicy, nutty, vanilla-y… Noticing these hints can only add to your enjoyment of chocolate.

My favorite store for buying chocolate is Trader Joe’s because you can get affordable chocolate in many fine varieties and brands. Moonstruck dark chocolate chile variado bar and Chocovic’s Ocumare criollo cocoa from Venezuela are my two favorites (so far). Do you have any favorites we should try?


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